John Taube

Kansas State House, District 19

My introduction into active politics began in 2013 when I was appointed to Republican Precinct Committeeman in District 3, Ward 20 by Ronnie Metsker, the Chairman of the Johnson County Republican Party.

After being appointed, I was also referred to and attended the Kansas Republican Party Men’s Leadership Series, again, by Ronnie Metsker in 2013. This is a program headed by the Kansas Republican Party that educates a small group of people on Kansas political issues and topics. It also teaches about campaigning.

After finishing the program, I began to volunteer in the Spring of 2014 for the Republican Party on multiple projects and for multiple legislators (all incumbents of course).
Then, in the Fall of 2014, I began to Volunteer for Senator Pat Roberts in his final Re-Election. This is where the Republican Party began to show how it is truly operated, and who truly calls the operations.

After enough favors to Senator Roberts, I was offered a campaign staffing job with Governor Brownback. In this short period of time working in his campaign, I had seen enough of the perception that is portrayed by the Party to the Public. It is not genuine or sincere or inclusive. The most important issues are neither discussed, nor discussed humanely with an intent to resolve. Legislators are not held accountable because of the ‘group’ effort. With a large majority for years, Republicans have failed to pass positive reform and failed to approach the most important issues.

This is why I left the Republican Party.