7 of us blankly stared future in the face through cell phones on a conference call that began at 9:35 pm, Central Time on 5-10-16.

With a little over $2 in the 3DLPKS bank account and $165 in Go-Fund-Me we all decided 3 dates to have community fundraisers:

June 26th

August 20th

October 9th

[During the battle royal of hashing out dates, Mike Kerner warned the  many times to take into consideration the upcoming necessity to volunteer for Old Settler’s Days coming up September 7th-September 9th.]

After the golden dates were decided, those on the call appointed Jeff Caldwell to be the event coordinator.  Nick Mallare already made his first decision easy: Picnic!  …  With a raffle!  (raffle items have not been decided [cheesecakes and a signed copy of “The Real Crash” by Peter Schiff were presented]).

August 20th does not have an event idea.  Jeff will be working on this.

October 9th will be an event at a shooting range!

There will be a fantasy football league open to the public that will be held in August or September.  It is cash only buy-ins.  The total buy in is $100.  $50 is a donation to the Third District Libertarian Party of Kansas and $50 goes into a pot where the winner of the league takes all.

Mike Kerner is going to become the donation regulation machine and police officer.

One of our goals is to raise enough funds to mail all the Libertarians in candidate districts invitations to an/the event(s).

Jason Conley is looking into the specifics of adopting a highway in Kansas.  The specific locations will be provided on the next conference call.  We are looking at a section of either K-7 or K10.

We are also looking to volunteer at local food kitchens/pantries/organizations.  Details to be hashed out next meeting.

Our next conference call will be Tuesday, May 24th at 9:30 pm, Central Time!


1. Picnic Fundraiser

a. Kerner to detail the ins and outs of Fundraising tactics

b. How to present the event to the public

c. Locations

d. Time

e. Raffle and/or Auction?  What to have.  Reach out to people and see if they are wanting to donate anything.  Come up with items.

2. August 20th Event

a. What is it going to be?  We all need to brainstorm on this and bring ideas to the table.

3. Adopt a highway

a. Jason will have Locations, we need to pick one out of the two

4. Volunteer work for those in need of food

a. John Taube will have details of ideas for the local area

5. Old Settler’s Days Volunteer Sign Up

a. Mike Kerner will have complete hours we will break up into shifts.  He will also have details on needs for setup and breakdown.

b. Mark Rinke has a tent he donated to 3DLPKS that needs to be picked up.  Jeff will be in communication with him on that prior to this call

6. Shooting Range Event

a. Locations/groundwork presented

Call in number: 563-999-2090
Access Code: 741804

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